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Over 50 years of experience, King Business Services Corp. has learned a few things about helping clients navigate Retail and Wholesale technology needs for their business.

We have achieved a Trusted Advisor status with our customers, as their partners in technology for their business.


Our Mission

We are wired to help! It’s in our Culture,  Philosophy, Drive and Commitment to be the  best provider of technology services, products and support to our customers!

King Business has our Full head of hair in the Past ; our Feet Planted in the PRESENT and our EYES on the FUTURE.

Hey, I know him!


Grocery Stores

Your need is for a Point of Sale System that is built for grocery.  Hardware that will stand the test of time and scale up when you need it to. Scale integration that makes your life easier.

Liquor Stores

Point of Sale that knows how to handle Liquor Stores. Handles Inventory easily. Can talk to the Liquor distribution Ordering platform. Manages advertising in-store.

Farm Markets

We know Farm Markets – We Know and Love Farm Markets. King Business will be your Trusted Advisor as you POS provider. We help navigate what is needed to be successful.

Specialty Retail

“Specialty is our Specialty”

Butcher & Meat Shops


Chocolate Stores

Fish Shops

Garden Centres

General Stores

Produce Stores



Food & Beverage Industry is a vital contributor to consumer happiness and the economy. King Business provides the latest Hardware and Software Solutions helping you create positive customer experiences.

Ecommerce - Omni Channel

King Business can help your operation and boost your in-store experiences with a robust  e-commerce solution. Collaborating with key partners in Shopify,, Freshop and others.

Self Checkout

Sourcing labour still challenging? King Business offers self-checkout solutions that drive better customer experiences and improve overall traffic flow.

Check it out!

Commercial and Distribution Division

Bottlenecks? Missing inventory? Wrong goods shipped? Missed delivery window?

King Business has the logistics technology software and hardware tools that will make your work life easier.

Reach out and we can discuss your needs.

10 + 4 =





Did you know? You can talk to us about Cameras, Scales, Scale Scanners, Label Printers, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), Bank Payment Processors, temperature sensing and ATM’s? – Yes you CAN!



Products and Services

Camera and Network Recorders

Security and safety is important to everyone. We can support your efforts to upgrade your existing cameras or start fresh. Access Controls as well.


What We Are Good At?

Point of Sale Software

Our software partners are the leaders in making the Point of Sale experieince Easy, Fast, Reliable and Secure. What more do you need?

Hardware Equipment

Our Partners are dependable and robust to handle the unique enviroment of your business. Performance is critical to uptime and our equipment new and refurbished will exceed expectations.

Data Backup, Recovery and Malware Protection

Data is critical to your business and we have the resources to protect and monitor any threats to your business data and information.

POS Design and Consulting

As Trusted Advisors, we understand not all POS is built to everyone’s style or taste. What we do is assist in navigating the best practices and achieving the best results for your business’ technology needs.

Weighing Scales and Scale Scanners

When it comes to finding a relaible and easy scale for your weighting needs, look no further, we can help.

Ecommerce and Self Checkout

COVID 19 has certainly excelerated the need for an omni channel presence. Reach out and ask us about leveling up your operation and customer experience.

Did you Know?

We offer Professional IT Services, Technology Consulting and Financing.

Yes we can! Design custom POS requirments, Wifi Access Points, Ecommerce, Self-Checkout, security locks for Pin Pads, Google Pointy. Anything that you need we can help. Even FINANCING!


What People Are Saying

King Business was able to ease our concerns and frustrations. We called them on Thursday night and we had a new POS system by the next Tuesday! Thank you so much!


Specialty Meat Shoppe

It is a nice change to work with someone who is more of a partner in our business and understands what our needs are. With the need for good technology and the demands on our business these days, we can count on King to be there for most all our needs.


Farm Market

We can’t say enough about our partnership with King Corp. Their whole team knows how to take care of us.


Liquor Store

King Business! COVID had affected my business not in a good way. When I needed a few buttons changed on my POS, they spent an hour to help and did not charge me! Thank you! – Have a Cookie.




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